The 4 Catalysts

They were catalysts, and didn’t know it. How could they? When life is full of change that you precipitate, it all seems the same. Change is only seen as occurring differently when there is a normal by which you measure such change. Normal is not a word, or a way of being, that they knew. No, change is what they knew, constant and ever present. Their normal, their every day.

Chaos, then, is what they knew well. Chaos is everywhere in the world, yet humans believe there is an order to things. Time is a good example of a seemingly ordered set of principles, and people rely on it immensely. Yet, time is not ordered. Time is, in fact, very chaotic. Time changes, and precipitates events, and also creates disorder and confusion, hence chaos. We put stability on time, time is not stable. And, this they knew.

They were seeds, and this everyone knew. Seeds of chaos and seeds of change, hence the catalysts.

The North, South, East, and West

The Worlds and the Characters

The East


Was where Sheldon was located, atop a mighty castle stretching to the very bounds of the heavens, in the nether regions of the continent, tucked away in a hidden forest overgrown with hundreds of years of growth. Trees and bushes dripping with dew from the continuous rain showers that plagued this area of the globe. These forests were also home to many small tribes, all of which paid homage to the heaven stretched castle known as the castalistidom – the catalyst.

The West


The horse riders left promptly, not wanting to overstay their welcome inside of a seemingly stressful situation, delivered by them to the Mage. Lorel walked back through the narrow Hamlet streets, Talom in tow, clutching and holding the Book of Change closely. As Lorel walked through the Hamlet, children, adults, and the elders watched them pass, not knowing what was disturbing their Mage, and not really wanting to know.

The Center

The Boy, The Girl, and Pern

The girl was maybe a block ahead of Pern, so Pern wanted to be cautious, and not approach to quickly. They had no need, or plan to interact with this girl. Then, as Pern made a couple more steps, they made out another figure in the distance, inside the house. A boy. What in the world was happening here? These pathways are supposed to be empty, used only to travel from one place to the next. Yet, here was a boy and a girl

Forthcoming: The North, the South, and the Inside

About Us

The 4 Catalysts is a blog site concentrated on exploring change and the human capacity to adapt to, and actively participate in creating new realities inside of such change.